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Award-winning recipes
for babies and toddlers

We believe you can teach great taste. That's why our recipes use sophisticated ingredients worthy of even the choosiest little one.

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Make cooking at home easier with our new Grains.

Specifically tailored for toddlers.

Tailored for toddlers
Italian Tomato Grains
Tailored for toddlers
Sweet Pepper Grains

We created the UK's first fully recyclable pouch

Tailored for toddlers
Creamy Coconut Grains

For every Creamy Blueberry & Banana Greek Style Yoghurt Multipack sold, we will donate the cost of one nutritious breakfast to a child who needs it most

Our weaning bundle has been co-created with Rhitrition to introduce a wide variety of flavours & help you on your weaning journey

Weaning Bundle
Weaning Bundle


Recycling Bags

£3.00 (Pack of 3)

We are proud to be the UK's only 100% recyclable baby food range

Our registered nutritionist is involved from the start to approving the finished recipe

Each of our thicker & creamier yoghurt blends are made with rich, organic whole milk from the West Country

​'​We dry our plums gradually to allow the moisture to be coaxed out slowly, creating a tastier, more decadent prune as the natural sugar caramelises'

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