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Creamy Blueberry & Banana Greek Style Yoghurt

  • Source of Calcium
  • Source of Fibre
  • Vegetarian

A delightfully creamy combination, unlike no other.

Our multi award-winning Greek Style Yoghurt with its thick and creamy texture is made from calcium-rich, West Country whole milk which is recommended for babies due to its higher fat content.

Our wild blueberries are grown naturally in the Canadian tundra and are renowned for their distinct flavour and uniqueness. The smaller size and lower water content means our blueberries contain double the antioxidant power of your standard supermarket blueberries.

Mellow bananas compliment the luscious yoghurt to create a delicious healthy breakfast, snack or dessert. A source of fibre and calcium.

48% Organic Greek Style Yoghurt (milk)

43% Organic Bananas

7% Organic Blueberries

1% Organic Wholemeal Oat Flour (gluten)

1% Organic Barley Flour (gluten)

<0.1%Organic Lemon Juice Concentrate


Allergy Advice:

Contains: Gluten & Milk

Typical values per 100g:

420kj / 100kcal
of which saturates
of which sugars

"Yoghurt is a fantastic way to introduce different textures and flavours to your infant. It is a great source of calcium which is important for bone and teeth development and is also a source of zinc for vegetarians. Dairy is also rich in healthy fats and is suprisingly high in protein. I love pairing yoghurt with chooped fruit like strawberries and bananas or use as a topping to some weaning friendly pancakes, it's a classic dish that all ages can enjoy. You might be surprised to learn than an important part of weaning is showing how much we enjoy the food too... mirroring is an important part of a child's development! Try adding some creamy oats for a sweet and warming breakfast idea." - Rhiannon.

What makes this product special?

Rich in Calcium
Each of our yoghurt blends are made with organic whole milk. They're a great source of calcium which helps to build strong bones and teeth.

Antioxidant Power
Our Canadian wild blueberries contain double the antioxidant power of blueberries found elsewhere, which is good for keeping the heart healthy.

In this pouch you'll find wild Canadian blueberries

No standard supermarket blueberry, our wild Canadian blueberries contain double the antioxidant power of ordinary blueberries.

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