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Our food

  • Here at Little Freddie, we believe our children deserve better. From the quality of their food to the future of their plant, everything we do, we do to give them the best start in life

    Yes, we make really rather tasty baby food, but that's not all. We go above and beyond to ensure every ingredient used in our recipes is the best it can be, and balanced carefully to make a recipe which is as nutritionally complete as it is delicious.

    It's this dedication to exceptional ingredients that means you'll often find our founder; Piers out in the fields, tasting and testing. His mission? To find the best and the tastiest- from coconuts to carrots, strawberries to sweet potato.

    We're proud to be wholly organic and nutritionally balanced. Our paediatric nutiritonist turns super ingredients into wholesome foods worthy of the choosiest little gastronome. And because we can believe you can teach great tast; our recipes incorporate sophisticated ingredients that they'll be enjoying for the rest of their lives.

    That's Little Freddie. Nothing but the best.

  • The Government advises weaning from 6 months, but every baby is different and you as a parent ultimately know best.

    We also discourge sucking straight from the pouch. We recommend feeding your baby our products with a spoon, which is great for moving food around the mouth and of course, playing the airplane game. A classic.

  • With organic, you know what exactly is going into your food. This means no GM ingredients, no manufactured herbicides, no artificial fertilisers and no unnecessary pesticides.

    Organic combines modern science and technology with traditional farming practices, with the goal of producing high quality, nutritious food which is of course, environmentally friendly.

    Every ingredient in our products, from seed to pack, is EU certified organic.

  • Our innovative packaging means that even at room temperature, our unopened pouches will stay completely safe, fresh and not spoil over a long period of time.

    Once opened, you must refrigerate the pouch and consume the delicious contents (you don't have to ask us twice) as advised on the back of our packaging. This will be within 24 or 48 hours.

  • All of our products are clearly labelled with allergens and our allergen feature on our 'PRODUCTS' page will accurately filter out all products with your chosen allergen. If you have a question about our range or a specific product please do drop us an email at

  • Our pouches are perfectly safe to freeze but we don’t generally suggest you do for a couple of reasons.

    Firstly, because we haven’t used any stabilisers or anything artificial, our ingredients can separate when frozen. If this happens it’s perfectly safe to still eat but the texture may be affected.

    Secondly, our pouches have a long shelf-life because of our special packaging and the way we sterilise or pasteurise them. This means there’s no need to freeze our pouches to keep them from spoiling – they will be perfectly safe in the pantry until you’re ready to use them.

  • You cannot microwave our pouches due to metal being present in the packaging. We recommend standing the pouch in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes, rememebering to check the temperature before serving.

  • This one is a big, fat no. We don't believe in adding anything artificial to our products which is why you will never catch us using any preservatives. Our specially designed pouches ensure that our products always stay fresh without the use of any preservatives.

  • Stop, we're blushing. If you are interested in stocking our products, please get in touch via our contact page.

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  • We are available in Sainsbury's, M&S, Ocado, Amazon, Daylesford and Eversfield Organic.

Our packaging

  • Yes - our entire range is recyclable! In partnership with chemical recycler Enval, we are proud to be the UK’s first baby food brand to provide its pouch and snack packaging with zero waste to landfill recycling technology.

    Using recyclable mailer bags, parents can post their empty pouches (now from any baby food brand) and our snack packaging directly to Enval via their local post box. You can read more about the how the process works here.

    Since we started the scheme in 2018, we have saved over 670,000 pouches from going to landfill and have won 6 industry awards in recognition of our recycling scheme.

    You can pick up our recycling bags online & in-store at Sainsbury’s, Ocado, Daylesford and Eversfield Organic. You can now also buy them on our website.

    Don't worry, we're not making any profit from the sale of our bags, it simply covers the postage costs of sending them for recycling.

  • Yes, all our pouches are BPA free.

  • Very occasionally packages can get damaged in transit. If your packaging is damaged or oddly inflated, do not eat it. Please email us at & return it to the below address.

    Little Freddie
    31A Great Sutton Street
    ECV 0NA

Our impact

  • In 2019, Little Freddie became certified under IS0 14001, an international standard, which helps to monitor, manage and reduce the exposure of businesses to environmental and social challenges. Since then, we created the Big Green Plan, our long-term sustainability strategy that is split into three key pillars: Planet, People and Product. The BGP includes 20 targets that will not only deliver against relevant initiatives set by six of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, but also our own objectives to help us become a business that gives more than it takes.

    Our Planet pillar aims to tackle climate change and how we as a business can cut down on our carbon emissions. To achieve this we are taking a holistic approach, assessing many parts of the UK business from transportation to production to packaging, to ensure we are continuously decarbonising the entire supply chain year on year.

  • Since 2019, we have taken steps to measure our Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions (the emissions generated from our operations and along our supply chain).

    Gathering this information is complex as we are relying on our suppliers and partners to help us with this data. Right now, we track raw material transportation-to-retail emissions but are working on going down to farm level to make sure we capture our total impact.

    In 2020, Little Freddie UK more than halved its carbon footprint to 120 tCO2e from 2019. In celebration of this, we chose to double offset these remaining emissions (removing 240 tCO2e) from the atmosphere through the help of our partner Ecologi.

  • The topic of offsetting your carbon emissions is tricky to navigate. Whilst we know it will take a lot more than planting trees to save the planet from the threat of climate change, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), offsetting should be used in conjunction with projects that cut carbon emissions.

    As part of our Big Green Plan, we have targets to mange and reduce carbon emissions across all areas of our business - from our offices, to transportation, to business travel. Of course, as an international food business there will always be some unavoidable emissions but these are offset through our partner Ecologi. You can read about the work of Ecologi and track our offsets here.

  • We believe in sourcing exceptional ingredients that have been responsibly grown and made by those that share our respect for people and the planet. We are working towards sourcing all of our raw materials ourselves because we really like working directly with farmers and it's where we feel we can make a difference.

    We vet all new suppliers on their environmental and social performance and only work with those that meet are strict standards and demonstrate willingness to continuously improve their practice - perfection takes hard work!

    Right now, we are working to ensure 100% of our suppliers have reduction targets in place - water, energy and waste - in order to help decarbonise our supply chain.

  • All of our products are made in the EU with ingredients that are predominately sourced from EU countries. We are always looking for the most efficient way to transport our ingredients, moving them by sea or land but never air freight.

    Of course for some ingredients we do need to travel further afield to source organically - Madagascar for our pineapples and Sri Lanka for coconuts. It wouldn't make sense environmentally to try to grow these tropical fruits here in the UK, however we recognise that 'food miles' is an important area for us to work on. As such, we have set ourselves a target to continuously reduce our carbon emissions related to transport by 10% each year. This will have a major impact on lowering our business' carbon footprint as transport is our biggest problem area. We look forward to reporting our results for 2021 in our next progress report.

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