Our planet

We rely on our planet’s natural resources to produce our products, generating waste and greenhouse gas emissions in the process. However, we will always try to reduce our impact where possible. Our priorities within our Planet pillar include cutting our carbon emissions, managing our water impact, and sending zero food waste to landfill.

Our award-winning pouch recycling

Our specially designed pouches keep our food safe and fresh without the use of any preservatives and have a lower carbon footprint than glass or other alternatives.

But like all pouches of this kind they can't be recycled through your household recycling. And we just thought that wasn't good enough. Our aim is that no baby food pouches end up in landfill.

So rather than waiting for household recycling collectors to come up with a solution, we searched for a recycling partner that could recycle our pouches and others in the best way possible, leaving nothing going to landfill. You can purchase our recycling pouches here.

Enter recycling innovator Enval.

How it works

Enval separates the pouch’s aluminium and plastic layers

The aluminium from the pouch is re-used to make tins, cans etc

The plastic is recycled into oil

The gas by-product from the process is used to power the plant

Leaving nothing to go to landfill

Reducing our waste

Our goal is that by 2022 we’ll be sending zero food waste to landfill. To do that, we’ll be reducing our food surplus and donating 100% of what is left that can’t be sold.

We’re already supporting the amazing work of The Felix Project. They help families in need get access to nearly 6.5 million meals every year through collecting and redistributing surplus high quality food that otherwise would have gone to landfill.

We send all our pouches that cannot be sold to the charity and the Little Freddie team volunteer with them regularly to sort donated food or collect and deliver it to charities.

Measuring & minimising our carbon footprint

We are taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint by both identifying our own impact as well as the indirect impacts we have outside our operations. This takes time and is a big challenge however we have already made some big changes in our first year. Identifying what changes we and our suppliers can make will help us become greener and more efficient.

Sustainable packaging & design

We like our products to arrive in tip-top condition but we don’t want to harm the environment in doing so. So, we set ourselves the goal that 100% of our cardboard packaging would be sustainably sourced.
Today, all of our cardboard boxes use FSC-certified cardboard, which means it has been produced from well managed forests so they are maintained for generations to come.