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Organic, responsibly sourced products

We believe in food as nature intended, with fewer pesticides, additives and preservatives and no GM ingredients, because it is better for both people and the planet. This is why we only source from farmers and suppliers that meet our rigorous standards for best practice and share our passion for quality and safety.

100% organic

We champion organic farming because it promotes natural fertilisers, animal welfare standards, sustainable food production and more resilient farmland. That’s why, since the beginning, we have been certified as organic by OF&G, which means we employ the most stringent controls on our supply chain to ensure we are meeting the organic standards and providing nothing but the best for your baby.

Responsible sourcing

Building long-term, trusted relationships with our suppliers is at the heart of our sourcing philosophy. All suppliers must pass a rigorous approval process to ensure that they are able to meet our high standards for quality, safety and best practice as detailed in our Quality Manuals. Our suppliers must also commit to our ethical and environmental Code of Conduct and be a member of Sedex, (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange).  


There is a growing demand for transparency as parents become increasingly interested in the origin, journey and environmental impact of their food. From the beginning, we have always prioritised transparency, providing parents with clear labelling and product information they can trust.

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