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Luscious Cherry Greek Style Yoghurt

  • Source of Fibre
  • Vegetarian

Delicious cherries grown in the sunniest place in Germany brighten up this creamy yoghurt. 

Our multi award-winning Greek Style Yoghurt with its thick and creamy texture is made from calcium-rich, West Country whole milk which is recommended for babies due to its higher fat content. 

The unique climate and topography of Rugen Island in Germany gives our cherries their freshness and super sweet flavour. Each cherry is picked at their ripest and are only pitted moments before pureeing. A dreamy addition to the luscious yoghurt. 

Treat your baby to this delicious breakfast, snack or dessert which is also great source of fibre to help get things moving. 

35% Organic Greek style yoghurt (milk)

34% Organic cherries

29% Organic apples

2% Organic wholemeal oat flour


Allergy Advice:

Contains: Milk

Typical values per 100g:

of which saturates
of which sugars
"This creamy Greek style yoghurt is a fantastic source of calcium, iodine and phosphorus which are important nutrients for healthy bones and a functioning immune system.

I adore serving this with fresh toast for dipping or as part of a fruity, creamy porridge. It’s important to have a mix of both savoury and sweet during weaning and adding a source of carbohydrates can be a great introduction to new fibre sources." - Rhiannon.

What makes this product special?

Rich in Calcium
Each of our yoghurt blends are made with organic whole milk. They're a great source of calcium which helps to build strong bones and teeth. 

Nothing Artificial 
We believe if you use the best ingredients, you don't need anything extra to make things taste good. That’s why we set out to make baby food that’s every bit as good as yours is. Nothing artificial. No filler. No added water. No expense spared.

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