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We make food you'd be proud to eat. We just happen to feed it to babies.

At Little Freddie we go to great lengths to provide the highest quality food so you can rest assured you are getting nothing but the best tasting, most nutritious food for your baby.

Exceptional Ingredients

Better baby food is born of better ingredients. That's why we travel the world to source the most nutritious and downright delicious.

Nutritionally Superior

Because we want to give your little one the best start in life, all of our recipes are developed alongside our renowned registered nutritionist; Rhiannon, to create food that is nutritionally superior.

Sustainability Matters

Our children deserve better: from the quality of their food to the future of their planet. This is why we are the only carbon negative and 100% recyclable baby food range in the UK. Read our Big Green Plan to find out what else we are doing to achieve our mission of becoming a business that gives more than we take.

Little Freddie's food-loving dad

Our founder Piers, has travelled the world looking for the tastiest ingredients, only settling for the same exceptional quality we expect as parents.

Interested in food from a young age, one of Piers' earliest childhood memories is going to the food markets in Paris where he lived for the first 10 years of his life.

When it came to feeding his children, Piers felt the options were really limited, with a distinct lack of quality. Everything was bland and generic, a world apart from the Parisian food markets where apples are sold by their variety, and vegetables by where they are from.

At its heart Little Freddie is about using high quality, premium, sophisticated ingredients from farmers we know and trust. We always place taste and quality above price, ensuring your little one is getting nothing but the best.

Say hello to our nutritionist

This is Rhiannon (aka @rhitrition). Rhiannon is founder of Rhitrition, bestselling author, podcast host of Food For Thought and mum to little Zachary.

Rhiannon shares our view that great food starts with great and diverse ingredients. When it comes to developing our recipes, She is involved right from the start all the way to the approving the finished masterpiece.

When we set out to develop a new product, Rhiannon defines the nutrition parameters, the texture we should be aiming for, the size appropriate for the age guidance and any 'watch outs' on certain ingredients. With Rhiannon's help, our products go above and beyond in nutritional value. Our meals contain double the amount of protein than other brands, we pioneered the use of wholesome multigrains in our finger foods, and unlike other brands, we never pad out our meals with water or cheap ingredients. 

You’ll find Rhiannon’s servings suggestions for each of our products on the product pages.

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