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Prioritising people

We don't believe planning for the future of the planet should only focus on our environmental impact. We also believe it's about supporting people: from parents who are navigating their way through the weaning journey, to those who help to make our delicious and nutritious food.

Magic Breakfast

We believe no child should ever be too hungry to learn.

That's why we are thrilled to be partnering with Magic Breakfast who provide nutritious breakfasts to school children at risk of hunger in the UK.

So for every Creamy Blueberry & Banana Greek Style Yoghurt Multipack sold, we will donate the cost of one nutritious breakfast to a child who needs it most. In the first 12 months, we donated over 38,000 breakfasts. Going forward, we pledge to donate 40,000 breakfasts every year.

This partnership will help thousands of children across the UK enjoy a nourishing breakfast before the school day starts, to prevent hunger from being a barrier to education.

The Felix Project

Now more than ever, the demand to turn surplus food into meals for those in need is of paramount importance, and we can all do our bit to help.

We are proud of our partnership with food distributor The Felix Project. They help those in need get access to nearly 21 million meals every year by collecting and redistributing surplus high-quality food that otherwise would have gone to landfill. We believe in never wasting food and are committed to donating 100% of surplus food. So far we have donated over 39,800 meals to this cause.

Alongside donations, the team at Little Freddie regularly volunteer at The Felix Project by sorting and redistributing food to those in need. We will continue to support the Felix Project in any way we can, to ensure food is accessible to those who are vulnerable.

Ethical trade

We believe our responsibility for our products extends to those who bring our tasty ingredients to life. We are committed to supporting the welfare of our workers, improving their working conditions and ensuring responsible business practices are used. We encourage our suppliers to undergo third-party audits and to share the results so we can identify opportunities for improvement and raise labour standards.

Modern Slavery Statement

We have a zero-tolerance policy to modern slavery - forced labour, child labour, servitude and human trafficking - and combating it is an important focus for us. Our modern slavery risk assessment reviews how our suppliers are performing across labour standards, health and safety, environmental management and business ethics.

Our Modern Slavery Statement outlines our policies on addressing human rights issues in our supply chains.

Protecting and enhancing our soils

We assess all of our farmers against a wide range of sustainable agricultural criteria. By understanding each producer and crop on an individual basis, we are able to tailor our support for farmers.

Because our farmers don't use chemical fetilisers, they rely on knowledge accumulated through 10,000 years of heritage to increase the fertility of their soils. Organic farming encapsulates some of the methods considered as "regenerative", working with natural ecosystems and seasons to restore the health of the soil, our countryside and the animals who rely on its fertility to thrive.

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