Our Big Green Plan

Sustainability is no longer a nice to do. It's a need to do. We recognise that we have a role to play in managing our environmental impacts responsibly. This is why we launched our Big Green Plan in 2019.

In 2019 we achieved...

550,000 Pouches Saved
from landfill through our zero-waste recycling scheme so far.

100% Sustainable
FSC certified cardboard packaging.

24,000 Meals Donated
to our charity partner; The Felix Project so far.

4 Sustainability Awards
for our pioneering pouch recycling scheme.

480 Pineapple Farmers
supported through our social partnership project in Madagascar.

Our first steps to a greener future

Our Big Green Plan was created with one simple aim in mind: for Little Freddie to become a business that gives more than it takes. Our 2019 Progress Report captures the first steps we have taken so far in our journey towards a more sustainable future.