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Rhitrition's guide to sustainable parenting

Read our nutritionist's thoughts and POV on how she approaches sustainable parenting.

Hello Little Freddie parents! I’m Rhiannon Lambert, a professional soprano who trained at the Royal Academy of Music, Registered Nutritionist, Sunday Times Best Selling Author of The Science of Nutrition, Podcast host, and Mum to 22 month old Zachary (with another little one on the way very soon).

Eating well starts from a young age and sets children up for a better life so I have been working in partnership with Little Freddie as their nutritionist, helping them to develop and create a huge variety of plant-based, nutritionally balanced, and organic products that are perfect for your little one. Their products offer nothing but the best for your baby nutritionally but also with the planet in mind too.

Now more than ever, especially as the world starts to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, sustainability and eating for the planet as well as for our overall health, has never been so important. As consumers and parents, our choices have an impact on the environment and our baby’s health and wellbeing – not just now but for future generations as well. Choosing Little Freddie’s range is just one small step we, as parents, can take that may lead to bigger and more supportive impacts to the environment, all while providing your baby with nutritious and delicious foods.

Before giving birth for the first time, and being completely honest, I don’t remember there being much talk about our carbon footprints and sustainability. However, once I had my son my sustainable mindset and knowledge about these things changed significantly. I was, and am, a lot more aware of them and have become much more invested in conversations that surround the sustainability of our environment, knowing that my children are going to be living and growing up on this planet, and facing the consequences of climate change if we don’t act now.

What I wasn’t prepared for, and found really shocking, was the amount of single-use plastics that are used in parenthood. From nappies to cups to disposable wipes to food pouches, single-use plastic is everywhere, and I knew I had to change the way that I was living in order to minimise the amount I was using. As a new mum it’s great to see that companies, involved in making baby products, like Little Freddie are moving to more sustainable ways of making their products. Little Freddie is the first brand of baby food to recycle their pouches and in 2020 saved 615,000 food pouches from going into landfill. They are also are making other small changes that will have a big difference, such as reducing CO2 emissions and planting Mangrove trees to offset their carbon footprint. Choosing Little Freddie products is just one small and easy way that can help contribute to maintaining and improving the environment.

Here are just a few more of my favourite sustainable swaps and tips for parents to help increase awareness and encourage us to become more sustainable to provide a better environment for our children to grow up in.

  • Have a support network amongst friends and family where you can share ideas and tips and tricks, as well as second-hand clothes or toys. This also makes the movement much more collaborative and this will make change a lot easier.
  • On the same note, you can buy and sell second-hand clothes and toys online on sites such as Depop, Vinted, and Facebook Market. These sites have been an absolute lifesaver for me recently as Zachary is growing out of all his clothes, and I am looking for maternity wear for my growing bump.
  • Research before you buy it. Look at where the products are coming from and what are the companies doing to become more sustainable – you can find this information on most companies websites as well as third party sustainability sites, like Good On You
  • Batch cook and freeze leftovers to have at a later date. Not only does this reduce food waste it also can save you a lot of time on busy days.
  • Buy longer lasting foods, such as frozen fruits and veg (which are just as nutritious as fresh) and canned beans and pulses. Little Freddie packaging is designed to keep food fresh and safe so you can always come back to them if your baby doesn’t want to eat it all at once.
  • Start looking for zero waste food products and explore shops that offer refills or where you bring your own containers to buy grains and toiletries. There are some great apps now as well like Too Good To Go or Karma where you can save food from going to waste and buy meals at half the price.
  • Create homemade meals where possible that focus on seasonal ingredients.
  • Any unwanted food & household products can be donated to local charities or supermarkets.
  • Up your movement and time outside by getting more active with the kids and reducing time in the car, a scooter or bike for your little one is great fun and will cut down on walking time if you’re in a rush.
  • Use Water Wipes which are made from 100% biodegradable and vegan materials.

So, my main take-home message is that small swaps can make a big impact, and although it may not seem a lot, incorporating these tips into your routine can be much easier that you think. It’ll then become part of your way of life and you won’t look back – by changing one small thing, like choosing Little Freddie products, you can help make a better life for future generations on the planet at the same time as giving your baby all the nutritious foods they need to start happy and healthy lifestyle.

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