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Recycling Bags

Pack of 3


Pack of 3 recycling bags. Each bag fits 20 pouches.

Use our prepaid recycling bags to recycle any empty baby food pouches or snack bags (from any brand) via your local postbox. Our recycling partner Enval will recycle the bag and every part of the packaging, leaving absolutely nothing to go to landfill.


1. Put the caps of the pouches in your normal recycling

2. Squeeze out or empty any leftover food and pop the empty packaging in this bag

3. Seal and post it for free via your local postbox

We do not make any profit from selling these bags. This price simply covers the postage costs.

Free UK delivery.

Arrival within 3-5 working days.

We'll plant a tree for every purchase 🌱

How it works

Enval separates the pouch’s aluminium and plastic layers

The aluminium from the pouch is re-used to make tins, cans etc

The plastic is recycled into oil

The gas by-product from the process is used to power the plant

Leaving nothing to go to landfill

We plant a tree with every purchase

Since July 2020, we have been a certified climate positive workforce. Each month our contributions will see 360 Mangrove trees being planted in Madagascar (which capture 4 times as much CO2 per acre than tropical rainforests), and with every purchase, we will plant another. We now have over 6000 trees in our forest.

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