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Cheddar Cheese Multigrain Smiles

  • Source of Fibre
  • Vegetarian

Our Smiles are made with Shropshire quinoa, chickpeas, wholegrain rice and maize, so they are a complete source of fibre. These tasty multigrain smiles are flavoured naturally with mild cheddar cheese to help encourage a love for savoury flavours.

We didn’t just choose golden Shropshire quinoa because it is closer to home, it is nutritionally superior and really delivers on taste. It is a complete source of plant-based protein and retains its highly nutritious outer layer when milled, unlike its South American counterpart.

The shape and size of these delicious melt-in-your-mouth smiles make an ideal finger food to encourage self-feeding.

We never add palm oil, sugar or salt.

20% Organic Chickpea

20% Organic White Rice

19% Organic Maize

13% Organic Wholegrain Rice

11% Organic Sunflower Oil with Rosemary Extract

10% Organic Cheddar Cheese (milk)

4% Organic Quinoa

3% Organic Apple

<0.1% Vitamin: Thiamin (B1)


Allergy Advice:

Contains: Milk

May Contain: Soya

Typical values per 100g:

of which saturates
of which sugars

"These Chickpea and Quinoa smiles are a great finger food to dip, crunch or grab on the go. It’s important to mix different textures, tastes and shapes during weaning, as it helps develop language and motor skills. Additionally these smiles are filled with complimentary and complete proteins which are important for growth and repair. Why not try dipping these smiles with some mashed avocado – one of Zachary’s favourites! Another tip I have learnt during weaning is to always be prepared and having cupboard foods you can grab making the whole process more manageable" - Rhiannon.

What makes this product special?

Multigrain Finger Foods
We pioneered the use of grains, pulses and beans in our finger foods to make snacks far more nutritious.

Source of Protein & Fibre
Fibre helps keep babies regular and is essential for good gut health. Protein helps keep babies fuller and happier for longer.

In this pack you'll find Shropshire quinoa

Our Shropshire quinoa is a complete source of plant-based protein, essential for growth and contains all 9 essential amino acids.

Our award-winning pouch recycling

Use our prepaid recycling bag to recycle any empty baby food pouches (from any brand) and our finger food bags via your local postbox.

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