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What’s so good about Little Freddie?

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We’ve travelled the world in search of the very best ingredients and used them to create exceptional recipes that have been tried and tested to ensure they deliver on taste and nutrition.

We never add anything artificial to our recipes; no sugars, no colours, no preservatives and no salt, only organic, nutritious and delicious food.

We are big believers in real and diverse flavours because we want to set your baby up to be food confident for life.

Why does Little Freddie use organic ingredients?

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With organic, you know what is in your food with no GM ingredients, no manufactured herbicides, no artificial fertilisers and few pesticides.

Organic combines modern science and technology with traditional farming practices with the goal of producing high quality, nutritious food which is of course, environmentally friendly.

Every ingredient in our products, from seed to pack, is EU certified organic.

Why don’t Little Freddie pouches need to be placed in the fridge?

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We use innovative packaging so that, even at room temperature, our pouches will not spoil over a long period of time. These pouches are totally safe for your baby.

Once opened, you must refrigerate the pouch and consume the contents as advised on the back of our packaging (within 24 or 48 hours).

Which Little Freddie products contain common allergens?

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All our products are clearly labelled with allergens. I you have a question about our range or a specific product please get in touch.

Do you use preservatives?

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Our specially designed pouches ensure that our products always stay fresh without the use of any preservatives.

Our packaging

Is your packaging recyclable?

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We're the first baby food brand in the UK to offer a pouch recycling scheme with the aim that none of our pouches will end up in landfill. It’s part of our ‘Big Green Plan’.

Parents can send their empty Little Freddie pouches for recycling using a free prepaid recycling bag via their local postbox. First of its kind technology will then recycle the bag and pouches, leaving nothing to go to landfill.

For more on our zero waste to landfill pouch recycling scheme and how you can request your free recycling bag visit our recycling page.

Recycling pouches

Are your pouches BPA free?

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Yes, all our pouches are BPA free.

What should I do if my packaging is damaged?

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Very occasionally packages can get damaged in transit. If your packaging is damaged or oddly inflated, do not eat – return to us.

Who should I talk to if I want to stock your product?

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We’re new to town so we’re not in every corner shop yet but we are online in Ocado and Amazon. If you’re interested in stocking our product, get in touch via our contact page.

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