Our Values

Babies deserve delicious food

We spend the better part of most days thinking about food (doesn’t everyone?) and genuinely believe every meal and snack should be enjoyed.

We think babies deserve food that’s not only healthy but also tastes great, which is why we never give the thumbs-up to a recipe unless it’s exceptionally delicious so your baby will enjoy every mouthful.

Babies deserve food confidence

Introducing your baby to a range of flavours and textures will not only develop their palette but will build a love of different foods.

Embracing this will lead to food confidence for you and your family to ensure your baby is off to the best possible start on their lifelong food journey.


Babies deserve the best nutrition

We go to great lengths to source the very best produce because we know it’s going to give our products maximum nutrition.

We are committed to using 100% organic produce and never add anything to our recipes that we wouldn’t feed to our own children – that means no added sugar or salt, no colours and no preservatives just real food that will benefit your child’s health with every mouthful.

Babies deserve to flourish

You can achieve so much more when you’re feeling your best and it’s the same for your baby.

Giving them the right energy means they can really flourish and it also means less work (and worry) for you.

The result? Your whole family will feel their best and most energised selves ready to take on the world.

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