Meet our nutritionist

Jo Rayner is a paediatric nutritionist with 20 years’ experience, working day-in-day out with parents and their babies. Her level of knowledge never ceases to amaze us. What we like about working with Jo is that she understands the challenges of weaning and comes at things with a very practical mindset. Rather than saying babies shouldn’t have snacks, Jo’s approach is to guide parents towards snacks which are low in sugar and provide sensible serving suggestions (for example have a piece of fruit with the snack).

When we set out to develop a new product, Jo defines the nutrition parameters, the texture we should be aiming for, the size appropriate for the age guidance and any watch outs on certain ingredients. Jo is involved throughout the recipe development process and approves all our finished products.

You’ll find Jo’s servings suggestions for each of our products on the product pages.

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